Rate Trend Predictions and Analysis

Just like the economic markets, this class will change each and every time we present it. In just one hour we’ll break down current market conditions, predict future conditions based on the Federal Reserve meetings and other data, and we’ll analyze how it will affect the Front Range Real Estate Market.

Attending this class is a great way to position yourself as an expert and speak confidently about how the global, national, and local economy will affect your clients’ real estate investments.

The short time frame of this class is PERFECT for tacking onto your already scheduled team meeting. Let us bring breakfast or lunch for your whole team while we update you on current market conditions.

“Rate Trend Predictions and Analysis” – 1 CE Hr

Content fluctuates based on markets and products, but here are some potential talking points…

  • How interest rates work
  • What causes rates to fluctuate
  • How the Fed affects rates and a recap of their most recent minutes
  • Insights on what global and national events are currently affecting rates
  • Predictions on where rates will go in the future
  • New loan programs that could help your buyers


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