Brian Manning: The Educator

In addition to being a hardworking mortgage loan officer, Brian also prides himself on being an educator to both Realtors and consumers. Brian has also been an Educational Provider with the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) since 2007. He has taught classes across Florida and Colorado on all things related to the mortgage industry, Real Estate and best business practices. Most of his courses are certified and accredited through FREC and DORA making him a “go to” source for accurate information and market updates. Below you’ll find the courses that Brian is currently offering. Please contact us to inquire about or schedule a complimentary “Lunch and Learn” at your office!

“Rate Trend Predictions and Analysis” – 1 CE Hr

Just like the economic markets, this class will change each and every time we present it. In just one hour we’ll break down current market conditions, predict future conditions based on the Federal Reserve meetings and other data, and we’ll analyze how it will affect the Front Range Real Estate Market.

Attending this class is a great way to position yourself as an expert and speak confidently about how the global, national, and local economy will affect your clients’ real estate investments.

The short time frame of this class is PERFECT for tacking onto your already scheduled team meeting. Let us bring breakfast or lunch for your whole team while we update you on current market conditions.

  • How interest rates work
  • What causes rates to fluctuate
  • How the Fed affects rates and a recap of their most recent minutes
  • Insights on what global and national events are currently affecting rates
  • Predictions on where rates will go in the future
  • New loan programs that could help your buyers

“Underwriting Guidelines” – 2 CE Hrs

Earn 2 CE Credit Hours, learn more about specialty mortgage products, and gain a greater understanding of the mortgage process as a whole.

  • How your clients can buy a home with $1,000 and a CHFA loan
  • Waive your loan objection with fully underwritten approval offers
  • Current changes in credit reports
  • Tax transcripts and how to avoid delays
  • Kiddie condos
  • Large deposits and how to avoid red flags
  • Turning primary residence into rentals
  • VA jumbo loans
  • Condo guidelines
  • Current state of appraisal chaos
  • Down payment assistance

“Social Media Success” – 2 CE Hrs – Co-Taught With Kacie Riordan, Business Development Coordinator

  • How Millenials Are Changing Real Estate Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization For Realtors (SEO For Dummies)
  • Why Google Rules SEO
  • Inbound VS. Outbound Marketing
  • Step-by-Step Google Business (Places) Instructions
  • Step-by-Step Yelp Instructions
  • Facebook Best Practices
  • Social Media Management Software
  • Getting The Most Out Of Your Business Website
  • The Importance of Online Reviews — And How To Get Them
  • Other Tips on Business Efficiency

“Condo’s & PUD’s: What’s The Difference and How to Get Them Closed” – 2 CE Hrs

  • Current Market Conditions
  • Condo VS. PUD
  • Difference in Requirements
  • What lenders looks for in project approval
  • What is limited review vs. full condo review
  • How to make sure you’re not wasting time
  • Upcoming Fannie Mae Condo changes
  • FHA & VA Approved Condos
  • Non-Warrantable Condo Financing

“Working With and Educating First Time Home Buyers” – 2 CE Hrs

  • First Time Home Buyer Statistics
  • Owning VS. Renting
  • How Mortgage Tax Deductions Work
  • Pre-Qualification VS. Pre-Approval
  • What First Time Buyers look for in their Realtor
  • What Makes Up Your Credit Score
  • Available Mortgages
  • Marketing to First Time Homebuyers
  • What is the Cluster Approach

“Mortgage Market and Economic Update” – 1 CE Hr

  • How do interest rates work?
  • What causes rates to fluctuate?
  • How the Fed affects rates.
  • What is quantitative easing?
  • New mortgage programs to help buyers.
  • Jumbo financing with only 10% down.
  • How to buy a house with 5% down and no mortgage insurance.
  • Piggy back financing has returned.

Brian also has taught a myriad of classes to consumers including a series of courses aimed at First Time Home Buyers covering topics such as:

  • Credit: The good, bad, and how to clean it up
  • From contract to close: The process, the players, the dangers and opportunities
  • The art of home negotiation
  • The differences in today’s mortgage products

We have also put on a course called Real Estate Mastery: Business Planning for 2019 that covers:

  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Transforming Your Contacts
  • Working With A Purpose
  • How to Set and Reach Your Goals

Investment Planning 101 – For Consumers

Brian’s Part: Discussion of the the financial side of investing in rental properties. He will review how investment income is calculated, when it can be used for qualifying on a loan, appraisal reviews, general asset and reserve requirements, and much more…

  • Types of investment properties
  • Non-warrantable condo overview
  • Down payment options
  • Property acquisition options
  • Accessing cash to buy properties

Realtor’s Part:  will discuss the both the process of choosing a profitable investment property and also the in’s and out’s of successfully managing your property and tenants after your purchase.

  • Stocks vs Rentals
  • CAP Rate – property analysis
  • Negative Cash Flow?
  • Create an LLC, Setting up a business bank account (EIN#)
  • Management Options
  • Tenant Marketing
  • ACH Collections
  • Rental Applications, Leases, and Paperwork
  • Your maintenance support team


Are You A Human Resource Director?

Let's Do Lunch Brian Manning Guiold Mortgage Lunch and LearnBrian also serves as the Go-To Information Source for many Front Range Businesses by teaming up with their Human Resources Department and offering one-time or ongoing educational opportunities.

Personal investments in homes are thought to lead to improved levels of social, psychological, emotional and financial health.

We think that by encouraging home ownership by offering your employees a go-to source for up-to-date market information and a hassle free way to get their financial questions answered, you’ll not only be improving team morale, but overall stability for your company.  Let us help!