CLOSING: Charming Home in the Heart of Denver

Taking a look at this home you may notice how charming she is! But let us tell you what actually makes this property a charm … she is just a short walk away from TRADER JOE’S! That’s right, TJ’s every DANG day!! Now, if you’re not that crazy about Trader Joe’s (which in itself, makes your crazy) then you’ve even got a Snooze AM Eatery to check out just around the corner! (Plus so much more!)

A huge congrats to our borrowers for selecting the perfectly located home to call their own! The rest of us over here, as in those who will have to continue to drive to their local TJ’s, will sit in envy for weeks, perhaps years to come. Here’s to you two!

Are you tired of living driving distance from a Trader Jo’s? Is it time you make the move you’ve been waiting your whole life for? Our teams got your back! Touch base with us, we’ll rally the troops, get our hawaiian shirts on & get you pre-approved right away!

-The Brian Manning Team



CLOSING: Gorgeous Lyons Home

Everything about this house screams home! From the curb appeal to the spacious interior to the oh so classic red front door! We’re so thrilled that our borrower moved in last week and now gets to make this place home.

He shared with us that before working with our team he tried another lender first. Things weren’t working out and when it came to making the switch, he was thrilled with how responsive our team was noting that with his other lender, it was hard to even get a response. We believe that should never be the case. So! If communication is your thing, then you’ve come to the right place. We work diligently to provide you with answer before questions even arise and turns out were “really easy to work with”! 

Think you’re about ready to find out if the rumors are true?? We promise, we REALLY are easy to work with! Let us prove it to you. Reach out via text, call, email, chat feature or messenger pigeon – we’ll be here to serve your mortgage needs.




Address for messenger pigeon: 2505 Walnut Street, Suite 300, Boulder, CO, 80302

CLOSING: Rye has new residents!

Take a look at this gorgeous one of a kind, custom home located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains! The property borders the National Forest and features numerous fishing streams connected to the San Isabel Lake only 2 miles away. Talk about a mountain paradise! We could not be happier for our borrower for closing on this incredible property with a great rate. Congratulations are in order!!


As unique on the inside as it is on the outside – this home has so many features to admire. If you’re ready to admire a new home yourself, get in touch! We’ll get you pre-approved in minutes and ready to start searching. Seriously – we make mortgages simple!




Friday Market Update for the Week of January 29th

Happy Friday, Brian Manning here with a weekly update. Let’s get right to it, so. Tons of news to talk about this week.

Monday was a relatively quiet news day, not much to talk about there. Tuesday of this week we got Case Shiller So Case Shiller tells us every month what home appreciation is looking like, and on a year-over-year basis Case Shiller came out and told us we are at 9.5% which is just phenomenal. Also on Tuesday we got FHFA and they tell us about home appreciation. So FHFA looks at homes appreciating across the country. They have a conventional mortgage attached to them, in the month of December on a year-over-year basis home appreciation was up 11%. So Phenomenal just to continually see a really strong and robust housing market. Zillow put out a report this Tuesday as well and it’s their predictions for 2021, so their prediction is that we are going to see 10.5% home appreciation in the year of 2021 and that we will also see sales up 21%. So just continual very strong housing data.


Wednesday of this week we had the Federal Reserve talking, Jerome Powell and everyone expected this but they are going to keep rates at their near 0 level where they are right now. and basically for all of us in the mortgage and real estate industry, the Federal reserve has our back. They’re very much involved in this bond buying program, they’re buying a tremendous amount of bonds every month which is 10 year treasuries and mortgage back securities. Basically the Federal Reserve is forcing keeping mortgage rates down right now. If the Federal Reserve did not have this bond buying program rates would be significantly higher so we all need to thank Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve because this very low interest rate environment that we are in right now is completely a byproduct of what the Federal Reserve is doing. So they have our back, they are definitely helping us out here.

Thursday of this week we got new home sales. New home sales for the month of December on a year-over-year basis was up 15%. Just unbelievable. And also we figured out that 33% of new construction homes under contract right now haven’t even been built. So the new construction market is on fire and certainly very strong and builders just can not build houses fast enough. We also got GDP rating for Q4, so GDP had increased 4% for Q4 in 2020. What’s interesting though this is about 1.2% lower for the same Q4 reading in 2019. So as we all know there were just struggles in the US economy last year.

Today, Friday we got pending home sales. Pending home sales for the month of December was up 21%. Unbelievable and the highest reading ever for the month of December, so just phenomenal. I can’t even imagine going into the spring. This spring is going to be a ridiculous home buying season, refinancing is still going strong. I’m so pumped for what’s happening right now, it’s unbelievable. I will tell you this though, there is the $15,000 tax credit floating around for first time home buyers with the administration  if this comes out it’s going to be a disaster and the reason why is you know, everything we just talked about. Home appreciation is up, home buyers are up, inventory is down 23% and now if you add in a whole another group of buyers right now with the $15,000 tax credit that’s more people going in and bidding up the price of homes over list price, it would be a disaster. So hopefully they hold off on this, they do a little more research into the market, and I’m a huge believer in first time home buyers, I’m a huge believer in incentives and tax credits and what they want to accomplish just the timing is very poor and if they add it in too soon in this year it’s gonna make this market even more challenging than it already is.

Last thing today we got the PCE, that’s called the Personal Consumption Expenditure.This is the Federal Reserve’s favorite gauge of inflation, it’s very important because the Federal Reserve looks at inflation and inflation is the enemy of interest rates. As inflation goes up rates are going to go up so we always think it’s good to see tame inflation. So we look at what’s called a core and a headline rate. So the core rate is when you strip out volatile items like food and energy. So the core rate was at 1.3%, I’m sorry, it went from 1.4% to 1.5%. So inflation is still very tame Something we want to watch because we are seeing some increases here but it’s not out of control right now. I’m around all weekend, if you have any questions let me know. I’d love to help you any way I can. If you are a realtor and you need a revised pre-approval, call me, text me. If you are a client and you want to get pre-approved or you want to talk about rates or anything that’s going on in the market, just reach out to me, I’d love to help you in any way.

Happy Friday, I hope you have a great day!

The Benefits of Working With a Mortgage Specialist When Buying Your First Home


Buying a home can be hectic and protracted, especially for first-time buyers in a hot market. But the home buying process is smooth and more straightforward when you consult a mortgage specialist in your area. Securing a home mortgage becomes stress-free when you have a mortgage broker you trust.

Here’s what a good mortgage specialist will do for you to make the mortgage process worry-free.

1. A Good Mortgage Specialist Will Put Your Interests First

The financial aspect of buying a house is a major impediment for most Americans. Especially if you choose to deal with the mortgage lenders on your own. You’ll either get unfavorable interest rates, miss out on better loan options, or fail to qualify at all. Debt payment is the No. 1 reason 26% of American homebuyers struggle to afford their first home. This is largely because the lenders only focus on the numbers while benching the borrowers’ interests. The terms and conditions for a mortgage loan may also be discouraging for first time home buyers.

However, a dedicated mortgage specialist will go the extra mile to find the best mortgage rates aligned to your short and long term goals. Such a specialist will help you analyze and maybe restructure your finances to qualify for a home mortgage. Simply put, your mortgage specialist should prioritize your interests.

2. Keep You Updated on Your Mortgage Information

A good mortgage company is not only after selling you a house loan. In contrast, the best mortgage brokers will offer you after-sale services that help you track your mortgage details. These services may include monthly, quarterly, or yearly analysis of your neighborhood’s property value that may affect your home value.

An exceptional mortgage specialist will also analyze the numbers on your mortgage and advice you on the best way forward. For instance, your broker may advise you to double down on your mortgage payments and pay less interest in the long run. This is the kind of after-sales service that a caring agent will provide for you.

3. Single Point of Contact

When you engage a mortgage specialist, you avoid the lengthy procedures imposed by lending institutions. Additionally, if you don’t qualify for the home loan, it may reflect on your financial records and lower your credit score. Conversely, your broker will help you identify if you qualify for a house loan and avoid being rejected by the lenders and having a bad credit history. When you find an outstanding broker, you’ll only have to deal with their company from the moment you make your loan application up to when you get your house keys. This makes the process so much faster and hassle-free.

4. You’ll Have Access to The Best Deals

Local agents have extensive contacts with many real estate agents in your area. Consequently, they’re better placed to help you find your dream house. Even better, their close relationship with different mortgage lenders allows them to take advantage of the best loan options available. This means you’ll get double benefits when you work with a top broker. It’s common for prospective buyers to spot their dream home, only for the home loan to fall through. Alternatively, you may find your perfect house, but find it’s off the market by the time your loan is approved. Mortgage specialists help you avoid such frustrating scenarios by fast-tracking the entire lending process.

Ultimately, it’s easier and faster to get home loans when you work with an experienced and reputable mortgage specialist. The property market in America can be quite complicated for first-time homebuyers seeking mortgage loans. But you don’t have to go through the exhaustive process as you can engage a mortgage specialist.

You only need to find a broker you can trust. One who is more concerned about serving you other than selling you a home mortgage. Working with a top mortgage specialist is the fastest, secure, and seamless way to get a home loan for your dream house.

Weekly Market Update – December 1, 2017


Happy Friday, Brian Manning here with
your weekly update but we’re not at home

can you tell? Let’s see, so right behind
me is Laos this is Vientiane, Laos

the capital city Laos and if I turn this way,
that’s the Mekong River and behind me is

Thailand! Pretty sweet! So let’s see, what
kind of update do have for you today?

Don’t think you’re going to get away with nothing. Let’s see earlier this week new home sales

home sales to the highest rate in
10 years so really good to see solid new

home sales. Also we got PCE the personal consumption expenditure. The feds

favorite gauge for inflation. Pretty much
flat if we look at the CPI and the PCE

we’re not really seeing much increase
there. What else? If we look at what’s

happening in the markets — stocks are on a tear basically right now

everything is based off the tax reform
and seeing stocks increasing because

that we’re getting pressure on mortgage
rates and unfortunately we saw a bit of a

increase of mortgage rates this week.
That’s it for me I’m gonna be myself

some good dinner maybe it’s a spicy
papaya salad we’ll see what happens

happy Friday have a great day