CLOSING: Blue, Beautiful, & Boulder

This charming lil blue home nestled in the heart of Boulder is seriously giving us beach cottage vibes! Between the picket fence, the quaint front porch, and the encompassing trees that cover the property – its a spitting image of an East Coast shore home BUT right here in Boulder!

With the housing marketing booming and housing starts in Colorado at a record high, there are so many model homes that resemble one another. It’s such a treat to be able to snag a home that’s as unique as you are! Lucky for our borrower, she was able to close on this home yesterday and now gets to call this adorable bungalow her own! We’re so thrilled for her!

If you are in the market for your next Colorado home and are looking for something unique – we’re here to help. Don’t even have a realtor yet? No problem, we’ve got tons of partners we work with and can help get you situated with the right one. The search process does not have to be stressful… just give us a call today!

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-The Brian Manning Team