CLOSING: Charming Home in the Heart of Denver

Taking a look at this home you may notice how charming she is! But let us tell you what actually makes this property a charm … she is just a short walk away from TRADER JOE’S! That’s right, TJ’s every DANG day!! Now, if you’re not that crazy about Trader Joe’s (which in itself, makes your crazy) then you’ve even got a Snooze AM Eatery to check out just around the corner! (Plus so much more!)

A huge congrats to our borrowers for selecting the perfectly located home to call their own! The rest of us over here, as in those who will have to continue to drive to their local TJ’s, will sit in envy for weeks, perhaps years to come. Here’s to you two!

Are you tired of living driving distance from a Trader Jo’s? Is it time you make the move you’ve been waiting your whole life for? Our teams got your back! Touch base with us, we’ll rally the troops, get our hawaiian shirts on & get you pre-approved right away!

-The Brian Manning Team