Friday Market Update for the Week of September 25th

Happy Friday, Brian Manning here with the weekly update!

Let’s see… You know, I don’t have much of an update this week, because I have worked tirelessly from January 1st, through Tuesday of this week and it’s my anniversary this Sunday. And there’s this woman in my life who lets me work 7 days a week. She lets me answer your phone calls, Saturday 8 o’clock at night. She basically lets me serve your needs and has no complaints ever. And the one thing she loves is hiking.

So, since our happy place is Telluride, we came here to celebrate our anniversary. And today, we’re doing this hike, we’re going up here, this is the ball buster. It’s pretty amazing out here.

It feels good to get a break from the office. Don’t worry, my team is there. There’s 8 of us in total, Everybody’s got you covered. Just call my office line if you need us.

I’ll be back on Sunday and something I’m super excited for is going to be Fall Fiesta. So, if you think you want some live music, some tacos, margaritas, meal pickups, Sangaria – we got you covered. Thursday, October 15th.

I’m a little winded right now, I hiked 12,000 feet. Thursday October 15th from 5 pm to 8 pm at McDavid’s Taco supply in Boulder and yes, it’s going to be pretty epic.

So, happy Friday, hope you’re having a great day!