REFI ALERT: Borrower’s 5th Loan With Our Team

We were pretty excited when our borrower kept coming back to our team for his second, third, and fourth loan….. but at this point….. we just can’t get rid of him!! HA! HA! All jokes aside, we are SO honored that we have been repeatedly trusted for not just 2 or 3 but FIVE loans for our borrower and now good friend.

It has been such a treat getting to know our borrower throughout these loans and being able to financially support his mortgage needs is nothing short of our utmost pleasure. It’s what we love most about what we do – helping others make their dreams a reality!

Take this investment property for example! Being able to afford a second mortgage has allowed our borrower to invest in the Denver Real Estate market and start making rental income of his investment – something that will follow him long into retirement. Banner

This property is located in Lakewood just a few blocks away from the Gary McDonnell Park. A great place to spend the remaining hours of daylight after the work day or for a picnic in the park on a Sunday. The choice is yours!

So…..Are YOU ready to invest in the Denver Real Estate market? Are you looking to make a financial investment that will bring in income for years to come? Than an investment property is exactly what you’re looking for!

Afraid a investment property isn’t in your budget? Don’t make an assumption! Let’s find out for sure. We’ll get you pre-approved and out in the market looking for places in no time.

Reach out at your earliest convenience! We’re available early and late in the day to fit your work needs.

-The Brian Manning Team