REFI ALERT: Charming Boulder Home

Would you take a look at this CHARMING Downtown Boulder spot? How dreamy? And there’s so much more to be found inside and even around back! As you can tell, we just can’t get enough of this home! Can you blame us?

Our lucky borrower just completed his refinance on this beautiful property!

He was extremely excited to complete the process and happily shared that our team was “great and very responsive”! Since there is some paperwork involved in the process, he detailed how pleased he was with our online portal. That’s right! We utilize a secure online portal that you can upload documents to wherever you are! (We know us Coloradans can be quite the adventurous ones!)

Are you ready for a refinance in Colorado? Don’t wait until rates rise- shoot me a text. give me a call, slide into my dm’s on social media, however it needs to happen, get in contact with me! I’d love to chat rates and see how we can help you lower your monthly mortgage payment.

Perhaps, you don’t have a mortgage yet? I can help there too – let’s chat pre-approvals and see what we can get you approved for! Buying your first home doesn’t need to scary – at least not with the help of our team. We’ll walk you through the entire process 🙂


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