REFI ALERT: Self-Employed Borrower Closes on Deal

When you’re self-employed, the thought of financing a home can be stressful one! Lucky for you, our team makes is easy as possible by providing a Self-Employed Documentation Expert to take some of that pressure off of your shoulders! Our expert, Allan will be assist you throughout the entire documentation process to ensure that we have everything necessary to get you clear to close ASAP!

Today we are celebrating the successful closing on our clients refinance in Westminster! Their beloved home has fostered so many memories in the past few years, an especially this last one as more time was spent at home than ever before. Here’s to making even more memories in the futer — just at a lower rate!!

If you’re self- employed and are feeling the impending stress – stop right there!! Give me a call today and let’s get you pre-approved and chatting with Allan before you know it. Trust us, the process doesn’t have to be stressful! Set yourself up for success with our team of qualified mortgage professionals!

303.500.3839 or brianm@rate.com – I’m looking forward to hearing from you!