Tech Panel Discussion – Thanks For Coming!


Let us treat you to lunch while Amber Alfano of ABD Tax Accounting, LLC discusses how recent tax reform affects both your clients and YOU as a small business owner.

Here are some of the topics she’ll cover:

  • New for 2018 – Learn how real estate investors can potentially get 20% deduction against rental income
  • Learn how changes for itemized deductions and standard deductions will affect YOUR business, as well as your client’s ability to be approved for a loan
  • Understand the shift in the types of buyers who will get tax benefits from buying homes
  • Learn how and why the interest on HELOC money might not be tax deductible any longer
  • Learn which Schedule A miscellaneous deductions have been removed and how it affects your business AND your clients
  • Learn about your client’s moving expenses
  • Get a break down and comparison of which buyers will receive tax benefits based on their loan amounts and income