Drawing Rescheduled for Tuesday 12/3/2019


In order to allow more time and more money to be raised for Conscious Alliance, we have extended the date of the drawing to Tuesday, December 3rd. Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you’ll get the notification about us going LIVE to do the drawing! Thank you!

as of 12/2 at Noon…

Bobble Drawing – 1 Spot Left

Poster Drawing – 14 Spots Left


We are proud to announce that we are only about $1,100 away from our goal of raising $10K for local non-profit Conscious Alliance.  When we set our 5th Annual Fall Fiesta (it was the best party ever, check it out!) Fundraising goal at $10,000 and 30,000 meals, we never imagined we’d get so close! A heartfelt thanks to our friends, family and clients who donated at the event and from afar!

When news of our totals started circulating, a few of our gracious and generous friends stepped-up to help us reach our goal by donating some rare and sought after String Cheese Incident Memorabilia items.

We’ve decided the best use of these items is to conduct two separate drawings. We will begin taking donations for chances to win starting Friday, November 22nd. Interested parties will have 1 week to secure their chance to win these items.

We’ll GO LIVE on the Brian Manning Team Facebook Page sometime on Thanksgiving (11.28.2019) to preform a live drawing and announce the winners. Be sure to “like” our Facebook page so that you’ll get a notification when we go live.

Now, onto the items…


David Hale – 11/26/2011 ATL Fox Theater Poster




Perhaps one of the most sought after String Cheese Incident posters, this original David Hale screenprint (35/300) from the 2011 Roots Run Deep Fall Tour represents all things Georgia.

  • The bird is a Brown Thrasher (GA state bird)
  • The tree is a Dogwood Tree
  • The butterfly is a Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (GA state butterfly)
  • The frog is an American Toad
  • The mandolin is based on a Gilchrist Mandolin that Michael Kang plays.
  • The pick says “love” in it.
  • Near mint condition.  This was the poster displayed at the merch booth on the night of the show. Print has some tape on the back.

Poster Drawing Details:

  • $20 donation for a 1/20 chance for poster (20 spots at a $20 donation for each spot)
  • Buy as many spots as you want!
  • Donate here and make note of how many spots & which item you’re donating towards
  • If you donate Anonymously please email kriordan@guildmortgage.net so we can confirm your donation and match it with a name.


Artists – Hale, David

Band – String Cheese Incident 

Manufacturer – Good Thoughts Printing Studio – Boulder, CO 

Venue – Fox Theatre – Atlanta, GA

Event – November 26, 2011

Style – 5 color screen print w/ metallic bronze ink. Printed on recycled natural toned paper.

Edition Details
Year: 2011
Class: Poster
Status: Official
Released: 11/26/11
Run: 300
Technique: Screen Print
Size: 18 X 24

Signed & Numbered

Tape on back does not affect quality

Were you at the show? Check out the setlist!


11/26/2011 • Fox Theatre • Atlanta, GA

Original barefoot billy bobblehead – in box

The Barefoot Billy Bobble Head depicting Bill Nershi, guitarist of the String Cheese Incident, was the first in a series that would eventually encompass the entire band.

First sold on 2012 Summer Tour, these bobbles are no longer manufactured and rarely make it to circulation. 

This bobble is in mint condition and has been stored in box & styrofoam in a climate controlled environment for nearly 8 years. This is a legitimately drama free bobble!

Bobble Drawing Details:

  • $10 donation for a 1/30 chance for Billy Bobble (30 spots at a $10 donation for each spot)
  • Buy as many spots as you want!
  • Donate here and make note of how many spots & which item you’re donating towards
  • If you donate Anonymously please email kriordan@guildmortgage.net so we can confirm your donation and match it with a name.

No Competition

Donate $50, Get A Joyful Sound Poster

Everyone who donates $50 to Conscious Alliance gets a Joyful Sound poster mailed to them free of charge!

Kacie Riordan designed this poster many years ago. She’s been giving them away free to friends for many years and has NEVER charged for one.

Donate here and make the note  “Joyful” on the Conscious Alliance donation page and be sure to include your address!

Thank You!


Details About The Drawing:

Each donation / entry will coincide to a numbered ticket. One side of numbered ticket will be marked with a number and all donors and ticket numbers will be kept organized on a spreadsheet. Spreadsheet will be shown on camera before drawing takes place. Drawing will take place on a LIVE FACEBOOK VIDEO – please follow Brian Manning Team to be notified when we go live. Each ticket will be shown to the camera before being dropped in a clear container. Brian Manning will draw the ticket and make visible to camera and winner will be announced. Kacie Riordan will reach out to the winner to coordinate shipping, which will be paid by the Brian Manning Team of Guild Mortgage.


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