We Use Tech to Strengthen Client & Partner Relationships

Dave Savage of Mortgage Coach recently interviewed Brian about how he uses video and other high tech touches to enrich his communications and strengthen relationships with both clients and partners.

Check it out for a glimpse into the service and follow up we offer our borrowers using Mortgage Coach, Total Cost Analysis and other technologies. Our commitment to being a client’s financial advisor does not end at the closing table…

#MortgageCoach #BeTheBest Brian Manning closed over 20 loans last month in Boulder, Colorado. Watch this interview to learn how he’s using VIDEO and ADVICE to win big Realtors.

+ Brian’s Purchase Power Total Cost Analysis https://mcedge.tv/1cj32u
+ Brian’s Post Closing Total Cost Analysis to kick-off the client for life relationship https://mcedge.tv/1cismk
+ The Art and Science of Personal Connection with Josh Mettle https://youtu.be/U3JKvyYsx1k
+ How To Go From 250 to 870 Prospecting Calls In A Month by Bliss Saywer https://youtu.be/NOuARELe4JY
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